Announcement on Finalists of First 5G Algorithm Innovation Competition

In consideration of the incubating innovation and very high quality of the submitted works, the organizing has decided to add two more awards to acknowledge excellence of participating teams - “Excellent FPGA Implementation” and “Excellent Algorithm Simulation and Design” awards.

The finalists are:

5G002, 5G013, 5G014, 5G026, 5G035, 5G037, 5G040, 5G043, 5G045, 5G047, 5G053, 5G054, 5G057, 5G064, 5G071, 5G075, 5G083, 5G090, 5G097, 5G103, 5G105, 5G108, 5G110, 5G112, 5G122, 5G135, 5G139, 5G146, 5G174, 5G175

These 30 teams can compete for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd as well as the “Excellent FPGA Implementation” awards.

5G017, 5G024, 5G036, 5G042, 5G069, 5G076, 5G077, 5G082, 5G101, 5G113, 5G119, 5G120, 5G121, 5G123, 5G129, 5G133, 5G138, 5G145, 5G171
The above 19 teams will compete for the “Excellent Algorithm Simulation and Design” award together with the other 30 teams under the condition that no team gets more than one award.

“As a judge for this competition, I’m really amazed by the students’ talent,” said Ms Wang Zhiqin, Director, Communication Standards Institute of Telecom Academy, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China, and leader of the judge committee, “The submitted works are outstanding with 5G algorithm design and simulation performance in F-OFDM, SCMA and Polar Code. It’s no doubt that students are the hope and future of new technologies. Many outstanding design works have already appeared in Phase I. We look forward to seeing their design works on performance optimized hardware implementation of the algorithm based on FPGA development boards.”