Method & Award

As the 4G commercial networks are continuously deployed worldwide, 5G research is already in full swing. A network that is expected to connect everything – people, machines, cars, pets, and other intelligent devices (to name a few)—is right in the making. Popular technical jargons and terms such as the Internet-of-Things, 10Gbps user experience, 1000 times network capacity boost, 100 billion connected nodes, 1 millisecond ultra low latency, etc, are just some of the many facets of 5G, which is born to meet the brand new challenges brought forth by the upcoming big data era and the next wave of the digital society!

Air interface technology has always been the crown jewel and the foundation of every generation of mobile communications. As the definition of 5G continues and the requirements of 5G becomes clearer, new generation of air interface technologies are being redesigned to meet the challenging goals of 5G and being prepared to be standardized in the coming future, among which, the following three technologies in three fundamental aspects are recognized as promising candidates:

  • F-OFDM:A multicarrier waveform technology to enable heterogeneous numerologies friendly co-existence.
  • SCMA: A multiple access technology that enables low latency massive connectivity.
  • Polar Code: A high performance error correcting technique that achieves channel capacity.

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