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DE2 Development Kit


DE2 Specifications

  • Altera Cyclone II 2C35 FPGA with 35000 LEs
  • 16Mbit Serial Configuration Device for AS mode
  • Built-in USB Blaster with Enhanced API Link IP
  • TV Decoder for NTSC/PAL/Multiformat systems
  • 24-bit CD-Quality Audio CODEC
  • VGA DAC (10-bit DAC)
  • USB Host and Device
  • Ethernet 100/10Mbps
  • SRAM, SDRAM, Flash, SD Card Connector
  • RS232, IrDA, PS/2
  • 16x2 LCD Panel


The DE2 provides rich reference designs including a digital TV box, SD Card Music Player, and much more to provide students and engineers a way to jumpstart on projects. A full-featured education kit, you can expect to learn about simple computer architecture to full-blown multi-media applications.

DE2 Compatible Daughter Cards